We make tools
for bars

We are manufacturers of specialist bar products for use in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. All our barware and accessories are available for wholesale export shipping.

We are a long-established European company and our factory is based in Hua Hin, Thailand. This mixture of East and West allows us to offer Asian craftmanship and competitive pricing, with European management and quality control. The raw materials are all made in Thailand, so are bags, cartons etc.

We use Toshiba injection molding machines from Japan. We have no connection with China on any level at all. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so we choose material that is best for the environment first and foremost.

All our bar mats are made from TPE, which is preferable to PVC, and which most countries are now banning from food service products. TPE is even better than natural rubber, which causes deforestation and allergic reactions. Also, we can mention that our condiment holders have a lid made from a special grade PET, which is the same material that plastic water bottles are made of. This material is the most environmentally friendly plastic there is and also has the least amount of migration.

Our condiment holder lids are just as strong as Polycarbonate, with 99% of the transparency. Because of this, our condiment holders are the only ones that can be sold without a California Prop. 65 warning.

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